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Oktoberfest 2016 at Pacific Plate


Live Music



and plenty of Delicious Beer!

Here is a list of the different games that will be included in the team competition!

1.) Team Relay with keg obstacles: Each person has to fill a mug club mug using a taster glass

2.) Stein hoisting

3.) Beer pong relay

4.) Coaster flip (aka brb)

5.) Yodeling contest: Try your best to imitate a 10 sec sound clip from a yodeling song of our choice.

Team Competition Prizes:

*******Prize for 1st place team will be:

Choice of shirt or growler, and choice of any Glassware (Excluding Mug-Club Mug), plus being immortalized in a picture at the brewery FOREVER...FOREVER...FOREVER...!

2nd place prize: Set of Pacific Plate Pint Glasses

Individual Contests:

1.) Bratwurst Eating Contest:

The person that finishes their bratwurst first gets their bratwurst paid for by Pacific Plate Brewing Co., a Pacific Plate shirt of their choice, and a $25 Pacific Plate gift certificate.

2.) Stein Hoisting Competition: Person to hoist their stein the longest wins a Free Mug-Club membership or renewal.

3.) Blind Tasting: Correctly identify a flight of 8 Pacific Plate brews, and win a free pint glass.

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